RC Energy is a joint venture between Rainbow Energy Marketing Corporation and Grupo CLISA.

The company was established to combine the resources and experience of the two respective companies. RC Energy began operations in 2016 and specializes in wholesale energy supply and marketing and offers efficient and competitive energy solutions such as asset management services for clients such as independent power producers and large industrial and commercial end users.

The opening of the electricity markets in Mexico due to the approval of the Energy Reform will allow RC Energy to serve its clients and meet the growing demand for energy in Mexico and Latin America.

The services the company is going to provide includes:
Asset Management Services
Qualified Supply
Next-Day/Short-Term Trading
Real-Time Transactions
Long-Term Origination
Natural Gas Management

About Rainbow Energy:
Rainbow Energy Marketing Corporation (REMC)
based in Bismarck, North Dakota, is part of a family of companies that comprise United Energy Corporation (UEC). UEC is an industry leader in the United State in acquiring, drilling, producing and reworking oil and gas properties, as well as extending that core-business into the wholesale buying and selling of natural gas and electricity throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Rainbow Energy has been engaged in the wholesale power marketing and trading business since 1994. The company is focused on balancing supply and demand needs for electric utilities, independent power producers, marketers, municipalities and other market participants.