It starts from a society between Howard Midstream Energy Partners and GRUPO CLISA.

The project is based in the construction of a pipeline gas from Webb County in Texas to the surroundings of the metropolitan area of Monterrey, Nuevo León; which means a reduction in energy costs for customers and users. The pipeline is approximately 300 kilometers long and at least 30 inches in diameter, with a daily transport capacity of at least 504 million cubic feet.

*Since Webb County is the largest producer of natural gas in Texas, the "Nueva Era" pipeline represents an efficient and different alternative to the traditional ways of transporting natural gas, in which the gas travels longer distances before crossing the Mexican border.

"Nueva Era" is a direct path connecting cost producers in the transportation of natural gas and offers a more efficient and cleaner energy source at lower cost to our customers in Mexico.

The project initially supplies natural gas to the combined cycle plants of the CFE in the Monterrey metropolitan area, as well as potential customers in the industry in general.

*According to the Railroad Commission of Texas